• More than 50% of all medicines are prescribed, dispensed or sold inappropriately
  • Half of all patients fail to take medicines correctly
  • More than 50% of all countries do not implement basic policies to promote rational use of medicines
  • CDMU - Reaching out to bring essential medicines within reach and making quality healthcare affordable

Medicine Access

In order to achieve our mission; to improve access to and deliver high-quality essential medicines and medical supplies at the lowest possible price to our member organizations; we focus on four core pillars...


Promoting the concept of essential medicines aiming to develop close relations and for campaign on rational use of medicines to reach out more people...

Lobbying & Advocacy

After 63 years of Independence, over 600 million people in India are still unable to procure the medicine that they need to cure them of various illnesses and for their well-being....

Healthcare delivery needs of the common people cannot be accomplished totally by the government sector. In West Bengal and Jharkhand, a number of NGOs appear to fill a large share of the gap in healthcare delivery. More often than not they cater to the needs of thousands of care seekers with too scarce resources which they manage to gather through assistance and donations of different kinds. While their motivation to run a regular health care activity is praiseworthy, many of such NGOs operating in the rural and remote areas are manned by health care workers who often lack formal training. Besides, such NGO clinics are almost always left with handling too huge a patient load in too short a time available. This contributes greatly to the irrationality in the prescribing and dispensing of medicines. CDMU took-up this challenge to train the healthcare personnel involved in medicines indenting storage and dispensing for providing effective service to the community.

CDMU training function has been active since 1986 and has to date trained more than 8000 health workers in West Bengal and Jharkhand.

CDMU offers elaborate training packages to various target groups of health personnel in different aspects of healthcare provision. These packages include

Management of the health facility
Supply chain
Pharmaceutical scenario in India vis-à-vis the essential medicines concept
Rational use of essential medicines
Good prescribing habits
First aid at home / in the work place
Basic clinical skills relevant to drug use
Basic infection control
Disease management

Purpose of our capacity building

The purpose of CDMU capacity building program is to improve the quality of patient care, reduce infections, illness and death. This in turn makes a significant contribution in reducing the mortality and morbidity rates in West Bengal and Jharkhand. The training makes a contribution to poverty reduction through decrease of the burden of expensive treatment to the patients, hence making quality health services affordable by the majority of the poor.