• More than 50% of all medicines are prescribed, dispensed or sold inappropriately
  • Half of all patients fail to take medicines correctly
  • More than 50% of all countries do not implement basic policies to promote rational use of medicines
  • CDMU - Reaching out to bring essential medicines within reach and making quality healthcare affordable


Promoting the concept of essential medicines aiming to develop close relations and for campaign on rational use of medicines to reach out more people...

Training Program

Healthcare delivery needs of the common people cannot be accomplished totally by the government sector. In West Bengal and Jharkhand, a number of NGOs appear to fill a large share of the gap in healthcare delivery...

Our Mission

In order to achieve our mission; to improve access to and deliver high-quality essential medicines and medical supplies at the lowest possible price to our member organizations; we focus on four core pillars:

We offer a total solution for supplying our member organizations with a wide range of medicines and medical supplies. Procurement of these products is only part of our services: we can manage the entire supply chain in order to give patients timely access to good quality products.

In order to do so, we offer the following services:

Warehousing and stock keeping

CDMU has two warehouses in the West Bengal one at Kolkata and another at Siliguri, jointly measuring 3000 m². These warehouses are fully equipped for keeping stock of essential medicines and medical supplies, including narcotics and products requiring cold chain. All commodities are stored and handled conform Indian law and regulations and conform the pharmaceutical guidelines of GDP (Good Distribution Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). Here you can read more about our storage conditions.

Procurement services

Since the inception of CDMU is associated with procurement, storage and distribution of medicines and medical supplies for its member organization situated from the hills of Darjeeling to the delta's of Sunderbans and remote places in Jharkhand. CDMU's activities revolve around a core of essential medicines in from WHO and India essential drug list. The list of medicines are prepared and updated every year based on the need of the MOs. We use standard operating procedures (SOP), which describe in detail which steps need to be taken, how and when.

But we focus not only on price. We have built long-term relationships with our strategic manufacturers and have contracts is place that focus on elements such as timely delivery and quality of communication. CDMU’s can take over a member organization entire procurement process, including issuance of tenders, quality assurance, transport, stock keeping or any specific service the customer requires.

Quality assurance & quality control

Built on the experience and expertise that CDMU has accumulated over the years, our quality assurance system spans the entire supply chain – from the manufacturing of raw materials to the delivery products to our customers. Our stringent quality assurance ensures consistency in every batch.

CDMU and its member partners give special emphasis to ensure the quality of the essential medicines being procured, stored and distributed. As per the SOP, in addition to rigorous check of pre-qualification of suppliers, we now stress on some basic in-house testing procedures. We also rely on quality control tests of selected batches at the government approved in West Bengal.

Whenever complaints on physical quality of medicines are received, alert is sent to all MOs and the concerned supplier is asked to take back the medicines. The complaint redressed procedure has been further strengthened during the year. Our partner members were earnestly requested to provide feedback information on the quality of drugs supplied to them.

Distribution to any desired location

We can distribute procured products to any location in India through our forwarding partners. We have a number of forwarding partners that take care of distribution to the point that our customers require. With these forwarding agents we have contracts in place that not only guarantee a good price, but also focus on good service/delivery performance.