• More than 50% of all medicines are prescribed, dispensed or sold inappropriately
  • Half of all patients fail to take medicines correctly
  • More than 50% of all countries do not implement basic policies to promote rational use of medicines
  • CDMU - Reaching out to bring essential medicines within reach and making quality healthcare affordable

Medicine Access

In order to achieve our mission; to improve access to and deliver high-quality essential medicines and medical supplies at the lowest possible price to our member organizations; we focus on four core pillars...

Training Program

Healthcare delivery needs of the common people cannot be accomplished totally by the government sector. In West Bengal and Jharkhand, a number of NGOs appear to fill a large share of the gap in healthcare delivery...
The Objectives of field visit include:
To appreciate the partnership that exits between CDMU and the facility in the provision of quality healthcare to all. This is expected to strengthen relationship with our MOs
To identify MOs' needs with a view to offering better services than alternative suppliers. This guides management in the decision making process to ensure MOs expectations are met by CDMU better than other alternative suppliers
Sharing information related to new updates on patient management
To incorporate new medicine and medical devices into CDMU’s list
Providing relevant training to clients on a needs basis.
The MOs feedback during the visits has greatly contributed to improvement in service delivery as is evidenced by continuous process improvement including:
Enhanced communication channels
Timely and accurate deliveries
More satisfied clients
High quality products
Better prices